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Why I am a Champion for this Cause

On average, children spend 5.5 hours or 35-40% of their waking day in front of a screen.

During an average week, a child spends less than 1% of their total time outdoors.

-Michigan Institute of Social Research

What are your greatest memories from childhood?   For me and for Rachel, it was the time spent outside playing, exploring, and just being connected to the natural environment.   This is why we sent Eli to the Forest Preschool this year, a relatively new program from Primitive Pursuits in Ithaca, NY.

Primitive Pursuits is giving kids (and their parents) a chance to fully engage with the natural world and to learn from an early age, the value and happiness derived from our natural surroundings.  The program is also instilling a sense of appreciation & respect for our planet, while giving children a sense of responsibility to protect this gift.  And ultimately, it’s about getting kids outside, away from the classroom and technology, and allowing their natural creativity to run wild,  in the wild.

Rachel and I are asking you to give to this cause so that the vision & impact of Primitive Pursuits can be spread to families with limited financial means (through the Primitive Pursuits scholarship fund), but also to support the employees and students that are spreading this mission around the globe.


Ethan and Rachel (Eli & Liam)

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